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"If you are looking for someone who can fire up the troops, inspire them to beat the odds and help them re-kindle their passion for succes, then I'm your guy."

- Blaise Winter

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"A self-made man with flaws," Blaise has a unique ability to touch all audiences. According to Blaise, "I'm human. I'm not a clone, a dictionary or a super hero." He speaks with a fresh and sincere style which echos with passion. Be it laughing one moment or stone silent the next, the message is clear - Blaise convinces his audience that they can make a difference.

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Blaise convinces his audience that they can make a difference. Blaise Winter is living proof of the POWER OF MIND AND BODY. Born with a cleft lip and palate, he underwent many surgeries and long hours of speech therapy. Tumors removed in each ear resulted in deafness in one ear.

Mistakenly placed in a class for mentally retarded children, Blaise rejected feelings of self-doubt and low self-esteem finding acceptance through sports. "Sports," Blaise says, "were a way for me to speak without opening my mouth." However, the experts said he had no physical athletic talent. Blaise's response was to develop a habit of positive self-talk that has dominated his life.


Blaise again proved the experts wrong by being named the MVP of Syracuse University in 1983. Not only was he drafted into the NFL, but he went on to play 11 years of professional football and ended his NFL career with a Championship ring.

Blaise's habit of beating the odds led him to discover a new purpose in life as a motivational/inspirational speaker. He is determined to strengthen the core of mankind by teaching people to believe in themselves, to destroy obstacles and to become relentless in the pursuit of their dreams.

What to Expect . . .


  • Transforms ordinary people into high performance achievers.
  • Generates renewed enthusiasm and teamwork.
  • Unify your association.
  • Energizes the creative fire within that effects personal growth.
  • Initiates ideas on how to deal with life’s adversities and challenges.
  • Discovers ways to look beyond the obvious and bring out hidden talents.
  • Challenges the audience to develop goals to effect state-of-mind.
  • Leads people to solutions.