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"Some of the greatest moments in my life have come from being involved with these types of groups. I have seen the sick get well the disabled become abled. I am here for those who need me."

- Blaise Winter

A Hand Up

The Offer to Help

Blaise Winter has been giving of himself since he can remember. He has worked with foundations and charitable organizations across America since the mid 80'S.When asked to be part of an event as a speaker or special guest he responds with a "Yes I will". When asked how much will it cost to have him be involved he responds with "Not a penny."

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Why Do This?

As a volunteer Blaise has experienced life changing moments and feels driven to make a difference. Sometimes people think I will say no if asked because so many in my position have asked for something in return. I simply like to help people so I look forward to being asked and getting involved with those in need. If I can bring some joy through a story or some relief through just having an open ear I feel lucky to have that chance. When I was involved with "Make A Wish Foundation" years ago I not only found great joy in making someone's dream come true but I will forever recall the young boys last words before he would pass away "Keep giving all you got."

Currently Working With . . .

Avid Supporter of . . .

  • The Gilbert Brown Foundation out of Green Bay Wis.
  • Healing Hearts with Hooves and Hounds in Harvard ILL.
  • Children’s hospitals Throughout America
  • U.S.A Arm Forces Military Support though the NFL and other organizations
  • Shriner’s Events for Shriner’s Hospitals for Children
  • Hearstrong Foundation out of Syracuse
  • Make a Wish
  • Special Olympics
  • American Cancer Society
  • D.A.R.E
  • March of Dimes
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • MDA
  • United Way
  • FCA
  • Lions Clubs
  • PLAY 60 NFL Charities
  • Young Artist Workshop
  • Optimist Clubs
  • and many more