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"Coaches - The techniques I teach at these camps are changing football line play forever. Gone are the days of your father's style of play. Let me bring you into the New Age of Football - it all starts by you and your players attending this clinic!"

- Blaise Winter

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D-Line Clinic
To Prepare and Protect

Clinic Leader: Blaise Winter, 11 Year NFL Veteran

Blaise was drafted into the NFL in the 2nd round in 1984 and went on to play 11 seasons in the NFL for the Colts, Packers, and Chargers. He ended his NFL career in 1996 and started traveling the country training players and coaches in a revolutionary new set of techniques for D-linemen he pioneered called "Hand Combat for Football" where he has been given honors and labeled by top coaches as the "leading expert" in this field.

photo of Blaise with Kids


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Coach Pricing

$249 each individual Coach
$199 each for multiple Coach registration (same school)

Here's the Deal . . . Coaches Pay, but Players are Free

That's right! We charge the coaches to attend, but each coach can bring up to 2 players to the clinic for FREE (e.g. 2 Paid Coaches = 4 Players FREE). This clinic will be a highly interactive event where coaches will learn in the classroom, then assist Blaise on the field putting the players through the various daily drills to enhance their D-line skills.

You see, what is essential for your players' ongoing success is the proper teaching and reinforcement of the techniques associated with Hand Combat for Football by you, his coach. In other words, it requires you to be knowledgeable and, therefore, equipped to coach your players to higher levels of performance using Blaise's system.

As a participating Coach, you will learn how to properly teach, reinforce and perfect your players' unique Line Hand Combat techniques, moves and counter-moves. Also, having your players attend a Hand Combat Camp and you being knowledgeable in the techniques taught will ensure the lessons learned get reinforced rather than lost over time.

  1. What Folks Say About Blaise and Hand Combat for Football

"Blaise is an inspiration to all."
- Mark Murphy-President, Green Bay Packers

"Blaise makes a great case for perseverance and a case for more than just football but for real life - keep it going."
- Chris Berman, ESPN Sports

"If there is a person you want to model yourself after, Blaise Winter is the man you want to choose."
- Joe Theismann, Sports Commentator, Author, Former Quarterback - Washington Redskins

"If everyone prepared themselves the way Blaise does, I don't think we'd ever lose."
- Bobby Beathard, Former General Mgr. - San Diego Chargers & Washington Redskins

"I keep telling people who are intrinsically motivated that Blaise is the prototype. He is the epitome of perseverance. I admire him greatly."
- Marv Levy, Sports Commentator - Fox Former Head Coach - Buffalo Bills

"Blaise Winter is a solid example of what hard work, belief in himself and perseverance are all about."
- Bobby Ross, Former Head Coach -Detroit Lions, 94 AFC CHAMPS San Diego Chargers & Nat'l Champs Georgia Tech.

"Blaise Winter is a living example that hard work and determination can get you anywhere in life. Be sure to take away from Blaise that same message that I have been able to take away from Blaise's life - always believe in yourself."
- George O Leary, Head Coach – University Central Florida

"One great journey, I enjoyed Blaise Winter and his words."
- Bill Walsh, San Francisco 49ers

Clinic Session: Timing and Content

Day 1 Session
Day 2 Session

8:00am - 9:00am

Registration and Check-in


9:00am - 9:20am

Morning Preparation

9:00am - 9:20am

Welcome and Introductions


9:30am - 11:30am

Morning Session
On-field Interactive Session
Session Wrap-up

9:30am - 11:30am

Morning Session
On-field Interactive Session
Session Wrap-up


11:45am - 12:15pm

Snack (provided)

11:45am - 1:00pm

Lunch (Pizza will be served)


12:30pm - 2:00pm

Mid-morning Session
On-field Interactive Session
Session Wrap-up

1:15pm - 1:45pm

Afternoon Preparation


2:15pm - 2:45pm

Camp Closing Comments

2:00pm - 4:00pm

Afternoon Session
On-field Interactive Session
Session Wrap-up


4:15pm - 4:45pm

Closing Rally (Parents welcome)



What to Expect

What to Bring (Coaches and Players)

  • High Reps
  • Limited enrollment
  • High Coach to Player Ratio
  • Personal Attention
  • 12-18+yrs of age (Pop Warner to College)
  • Football Shorts, t-shirt, workout towel
  • Water bottle
  • Cleats and sneakers (indoor and outdoor drills)
  • A passion to improve

Coach Pricing

  • $249 each individual Coach
  • $199 each for multiple Coach registration (same school)